Terry Oates (1937 – 2011) A musician and a figurehead in the music industry, founded Eaton Music in 1975.

He started his career at Chappell moving on to Screen Gems, RCA Records and heading up Compass Music, owned by Henry Mancini with whom he established a long term friendship. His first three major signings were Harry Nilsson, Jimmy Webb and Status Quo. Due to Terry’s relationship with Henry Mancini he gained a reputation in the business for working with film and television composers and in 1978 signed George Fenton. Terry was crucial in forming the publishing industry standards we have today and fought many fights to maintain the respect and integrity for all composers.

Mandy Oates joined Terry at Compass Music and has over the years gained a wealth of experience in Copyright and Royalties. Mandy now runs the company and works closely with all the writers and composers.

Amanda Jackson has recently joined the company full time as the Finance and Royalties Manager. She comes with a wealth of knowledge from the accounting world and is meticulous. Amanda is fully committed to sustaining strong financial controls to continue the efficiency and effectiveness of Eaton Music.

Rebecca Drake-Brockman is the Promotions Assistant and works with both Mandy and Amanda on day to day activity across all the business.

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